About Testing Services

Implement the best possible software testing methodologies and applications, to ensure your next-gen Applications or Websites are bug-free

What we do in Testing Services

We offer complete software testing and quality assurance services for your desktop, web, mobile, and cloud-based applications.

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing Services ensures the functionality of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement specification.

we commit to the following outcomes under our Functional Test practice:

  • Conformance to all technical specifications
  • Bug-free release
  • Detailed test documentation, so as to make it easier when new features are added
  • Easy process for knowledge transfer across teams

Automation Testing

Our testing services are process-oriented and we follow the best practices to ensure faster release and time to market.

  • Ensure the process is consistent, reliable, and maintainable with proof of concept
  • Provide effective reporting of automated test execution results
  • Enable end to end software application/product automation development
  • Facilitate traceability of test scripts for test cases
  • Ensure effective defect reporting integration with Test Management tools

Performance Testing

Our process-based approach with a client-first attitude has helped us understand the best way to achieve the goals of a product/solution. Some of the practices include:

  • Handle the load of defined concurrent users
  • Bring the response times within acceptable limits
  • Find bottlenecks in the Application/Product that can be fine-tuned
  • Provide the level of scalability for your architecture
  • Optimize the performance of Application Server and Database Server
  • Plan for proactive maintenance

Regression Testing

Techvilla uses a systematic and well-defined, scriptless regression test approach to perform effective regression testing. Our approach includes:

  • Comprehensive strategy: A mixture of API testing, manual testing, automated testing, UI testing, & unit testing
  • Detailed traceability matrix: Outlines of the requirements vs. test cases
  • Dependency analysis: Performed between test cases and requirements
  • Change reports: Issues between the current release and previous release
  • Release-specific regression test pack
  • Risk-based analysis: Pareto analysis, FMEA, Output from code coverage report, etc.
  • Continuous pruning: Regression tests packs are continuously pruned by removing the test cases that are no longer needed & inserting additional ones.

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