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At Techvilla Solutions, we cover the entire range of react native development services. We specialise in customizing the mobile application, right from designing an intuitive UI, developing cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms to meet your business needs. Our development team experts have a strong understanding of React Native API library to fast-pace development. We are doing continuous efforts in establishing our brand as a leading React Native development company in USA.

Front end development has been progressing significantly over the last decade. Better user experience is now derived from the speed of the web application and as more customers start using a particular technology, companies have to strive towards scalability. React.js is a lightweight and sophisticated JavaScript libraries framework that has achieved massive popularity and is changing the way modern web applications are built. React has been growing so huge that the companies like Facebook, Twitter, Product Hunt, AirBnb, Netflix, Instagram, Walmart, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla, Pinterest, Udemy, and more are adopting it.

React Native launched by Facebook is an open-source framework for mobile app development for Android and iOS smartphones. It has been used by many tech giants including UberEats, Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Vogue, Instagram, Skype and others. Soon it became most popular choice for many startup companies for cross-platform mobile app development.

Technology has been continuously evolved and the market is highly tech-savvy. In this scenario start-ups need to make use of latest technologies to perform effectively and gain fast returns to survive in the highly competitive market. One has to develop faster and stay longer. At present, from start-ups to well-established companies the React Framework is the best choice to develop an all-time multi-dimensional mobile app, that is user-friendly.

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React was developed by Facebook in 2011 and given open-source status in 2013, since then Facebook has been continuously improving the ecosystem to develop new technologies that make working with React even better. Recently, Facebook released yarn, a new package manager that is compatible with the old package manager npm but has significant improvements. It’s clear that Facebook wants to make React better and better for developers all over the world. ReactJS is capable of leveraging faster web-page load speed, SEO friendliness and code reusability. Some of its primary benefits are summarized below:

  • SEO Friendly: Seamless SEO Integration
  • Empowered by Strong Community
  • Transforming a web page to the mobile app is super easy.
  • React Native for Cross-Platform Application Development: Using React Native we can build the cross–platform apps using a single code base. Native platform APIs are platform-independent which can run on multiple operating systems and share a common technology React.

Some of primary features of React Framework are summarized below

  • Component-Based: React pioneered the method of breaking apart a large complex user interface into small individual components.
  • Declarative: The declarative nature of React also makes designing UI seamless and takes a major load off from product developers so they could focus on more important functions and business logic.
  • Boost in Performance: Rendering Becomes Faster, Virtual DOM enables the creation of fast, scalable web apps. Through React’s memory reconciliation algorithm, it represents the page in a virtual memory, where it performs the necessary updates before rendering the final-web page into the browser with out page refresh.
  • Encapsulated Components: JSX Making Component Writing Easier
  • Reusability of Code Components and Assets Boost Productivity
  • Stable User Interface: Easy to create Great looking user interfaces (UI) with Stability of Code
  • Backward Compatible and Progressive enhancement
  • Easy Debugging with Helpful Developer Toolkit and Browser Extensions.
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Business Requirement Analysis

Understanding business requirements, conducting proper analysis followed by proper UI/UX testing, wireframing and custom design architecture

Mobile Web App Development

Creating mobile web apps being used as the regular mobile website and runs like native applications

Hybrid Mobile App Development

The coding used is different from that of native apps and can be reused over different devices

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