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If you are looking for a hybrid app development company in USA, Techvilla Solution provides cross-platform mobile app development services in your budget & helps you in transforming your business to meet your desired goals.

Native code is integrated with cross-platform using React Native Framework. React Native performs Native API calls to render components on mobile. This is primarily built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once the app designing and coding are done then it is wrapped in a Native container that provides the necessary access to the platform features like an integrated web view. React Native provides hybrid mobile app development capability to deliver apps with more precision and ease.

Hybrid mobile apps are stored in a native app shell and hybrid mobile apps are composed of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you downloaded any files from the app store and get it installed locally, the shell can recognize the features of your mobile through the browser embedded in the app.

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Benefits of adopting Hybrid Mobile App Development Technique:
  • Support Cross-Platform: Native APIs can be utilized over different platforms.
  • Provide Code Reusability: The same codebase can be reused across multiple platforms with no extra efforts. The hybrid apps can run on both iOS and Android. The same code can be adapted for progressive web applications and even desktop applications. 
  • User-Friendly: Hybrid apps functionality is similar to the native apps which makes it user-friendly.
  • Ease of Accessibility: Developers can deploy the app both on a server or locally, which makes it easily accessible both online and offline respectively.
  • Portable Content: In hybrid app development the content is portable.
  • It is cost, time, and resource effective. At the same time, it is very much scalable, and provide easy to maintain the uniformity on all the platforms

Uber, Instagram, and Twitter are popular hybrid mobile apps.

Business Requirement Analysis

Understanding business requirements, conducting proper analysis followed by proper UI/UX testing, wireframing and custom design architecture

Mobile Web App Development

Creating mobile web apps being used as the regular mobile website and runs like native applications

Hybrid Mobile App Development

The coding used is different from that of native apps and can be reused over different devices
We are also having expertise in using other famous frameworks to build amazing hybrid mobile applications as given below:
Xamarin Framework

Xamarin is a popular Microsoft platform for hybrid mobile applications development framework that has been used in many organizations. It has a huge community of more than 1.4 million developers around the world.   Developers use C# shared codebase to write native Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications. The same code base gets shared across multiple platforms. Using Xamarin you can save development time by reusing the significant part of code, common APIs for designing an amazing experience with Android SDK and GDK (GIMP Drawing Kit). It has a lot of tools and platform-specific features to speed up the development process. Xamarin is used widely to build business mobile applications with a native look and feel. It also ensures that you get the same level of performance that you get from a Native Mobile Application.

PhoneGap Framework

Adobe PhoneGap is the simplest cross-platform hybrid mobile application development framework. It is an open-source distribution of the Apache Cordova framework. It supports building applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase. The Apache Cordova framework uses web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. It has plugins that allow access to mobile device inbuilt features and tools. Using Web APIs, you create an amazing cross-platform mobile application that works on the same codebase and compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is a popular framework having open-source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile applications. It is built on top of Apache Cordova and Angular.js to utilize its full potential. It is based on simple to use and quick to build web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is powered by a huge community worldwide. It is backed by Cordova/PhoneGap plugins and TypeScript extensions to provide access to key device features. Ionic Framework has an inbuilt icon pack with hundreds of most common app icons. Using this framework paired with Cordova and AngularJS developers can build rich and robust hybrid mobile applications across all supported platforms at once. Ionic supports a platform for integration of services for push notifications and analytics.

Cordova has many other tools, JavaScript framework, and cloud services that provide a diverse ecosystem for developing a hybrid mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices with a native look and feel.

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